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Advanced - (See Open Sewing)

Sewing Projects - $60.00, 3 week/2 hour sessions – Project classes are available, create items such as, aprons, dresses, baby booties and outfit, table runners, quick quilts, gifts for birthdays and or holidays, messenger bags, lunch bags, evening bag and more.

Alterations - $60.00, 3 week/2 hour sessions (Prerequisite - you must be at an intermediate level of sewing) – Bring in garments that have been hanging in the closet and are in desperate need of alterations. You learn to complete alterations for yourself, as well as friends and family. Learn to measure and complete basic alterations, such as hemming slacks, jeans, shortening sleeves and taking in the side seams of blazers.

Open Sewing w/Instructor Assistance - $15.00 per 2 hour session (Wednesdays) / $20.00 for 3 hour session (Sundays), or purchase at a savings, in 4 session increments @ $60.00 – Are you working on a project and keep getting interrupted at home or get stuck and don’t know what to do? Come on over, Open Sewing is offered on Wednesdays, from 6:45 – 8:45 / Sundays, from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. During our Open Sewing, sew till your heart is content. We always have an instructor on site, to assist with any issues you may be experiencing with a project. Open time can only be used during the times indicated specifically for Open sewing.
Kids 6-10 $40.00, 2 week/2hour sessions – Kids learn to safely sew with a needle and thread to make projects, such as dolls, super hero masks, puppets, clothes for their dolls or teddy bears, pillows, pin cushions, etc.
Kids Classes – Kids will learn how to safely operate a sewing machine and or safely use a sewing needle, depending on their age. Kids will learn how to assemble small projects and if they continue attending classes, will increase their skills to move on to more complex projects.
Sewing Classes
Sewing Basics - $120.00 5 Week/2 hour sessions – Learn all of the necessary basics, machine operation, hand stitches, identify fabrics and learn the proper machine settings needed for those fabric types. Also learn what fabrics should be used for specific garments or projects. Learn the proper way to read and cut out a pattern and you will learn how to construct a garment for professional results.

Intermediate - $140.00, 5 week/2 hour sessions – You will learn how to properly cut and construct a skirt or slacks, as well as insert a zipper and waistband. Also, learn the hand stitches and tricks of the trade, to professionally finish these garments.
Kids 11-14 (Pre-Teen & Teens) $60.00, 3 week/2 hour sessions – Kids Learn to safely use a sewing machine to make projects such as, pajama bottoms, skirts, draw string bags, pillow cases, aprons, etc. Kits available for $15.00
Call 248-943-2265 today for class times, fees and availability, classes are small for individual attention and fill quickly.
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No refunds if you cancel for a class with less than 1 week notice
Kids Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate your child’s birthday with us. The kids have a great time and leave with a creation of their very own. Kids choose to create one or more of the following items: Puppets, dolls, doll clothes, stuffed animals, or a drawstring bag to hold small toys. Call today for details!

Gift Certificates Available!